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Established May 15, 2007

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Wallpapers... we all like our favourite celebrity to be looking back at us from our computer screen when we turn it on, but not all of us know how to make them... fear not... I'm here to put your wallpaper woes to an end.

But you won't only find wallpapers here - oh no! You'll also find banners... if your a part of a forum and want something more catching as your signature than just your name... and avatars... for your MSN or for mentioned forums. And as I'm talking about forums, shameless plug coming right up *coughs* We now have a forum of our own, it's called Addictive Men Forum [you can find the link in the above menu], please feel free to join us.

And if you don't see your celebrity of choice here... don't be disheartened... simply email a request to and ask. I'm sure I can meet your requirements.

There's also the added bonus of personalising banners... if you see a banner/avatar you'd like to use but want your name on it... again, email me the personalization code beneath the banner, plus the name and/or quote you want added to it and I will gladly add the text for you... all I ask in return is that you link anything you take back to this site...

Alternatively, I take requests... so if you want an avatar, banner or wallpaper made to order... email me with any pictures and/or text you may want used and give me 2 or 3 days to complete it, then I'll email you back with your graphic. If you want to see an example of requests I've done in the past click <here>.

Please, no direct links. They won't work and you'll be sucking the life out of an almost lifeless site. Thank you, your web-mistress...